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Q - Do you do funerals?

Yes Michelle can perform funeral services.


Q - What is involved in getting married?

The process:

- “Happily ever before and after” I have to legally provide you with

- “NOIM Notice Of Intended Marriage” has to be filled out and sitting with a Celebrant at least 1 month out from the wedding and not before 18months (so we are fine with this timeline). In order for me to fill this out I would require a copy of your passports/licence/birth certificate. You can take a pic on your phone, email or give me a hard copy.

- “No legal impediment” is filled out and signed before the day of the ceremony

- 2x official certificates are pre filled out by me and signed at the ceremony

- The commemorative certificate is pre filled out by me and signed at the ceremony (you keep this legal document and can use for name change etc)


Once you decide you want to use me The “Shellibrant” I take a 20% deposit, to begin the process and secure the date. The balance can be paid off over time or in full by 1 week prior to the ceremony.


Then I work with you and your fiancé to personalise your ceremony to how you’d like it. Mostly done by email back and forth till you’re happy.

Q - Where do I obtain the NOIM?

You provide me the information and I complete the NOIM for you.


Q - When do we need to have started completing the NOIM?

You need to start completing the forms no sooner than 18 months; and no later than 1 month prior to the date of your wedding.


Q - What is the latest date the NOIM can be lodged with you processed in time for the wedding?

The forms must be lodged with me at least one month prior to the date of your wedding.


Q - What forms of identification do I require in order to complete the NOIM?

You must provide your original birth certificate and/or your passport as proof of date and place of birth.

If you do not have your original birth certificate you can obtain a copy from the registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the state that you were born in.

If you do not have passport, a drivers licence can be used as photo ID. Copies can be sent to me in order to fill out the NOIM however originals will need to be sighted.


Q - What if I have been married before?

Documentation will need to be provided to show that the previous marriage has been terminated in the form of either Divorce papers for annulment or a death certificate.


Q - What happens if the wedding needs to be postponed?

Should your event be postponed within seven days of the originally intended date, a fee will still be applicable. Should you postpone to a date that I am still available to conduct your ceremony, I am more than happy to conduct your ceremony at that date instead.


Please contact me as soon as possible to discuss finer details as soon as postponement looks likely. It is important to note that your Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) holds a validity of 18 months once it is signed.


Q - What will Shelli wear?

I will always dress professionally and in accordance with the dress standards/theme that you have provided your guests.

Feel free to speak with me if you have any special requests.

Q - How long does a ceremony take?

On average a civil ceremony takes 20 minutes. With readings and symbolism it could take 25-30 minutes. It is your day, you can choose to include as little or as much as you like.

Q - Can we alter the Monitum?

You can add or delete anything from the draft ceremony provided, however all legal aspects of the ceremony and documentation must be fulfilled according to the Marriage Act 1961.

Q - Will Shelli peform weekday weddings?

Yes upon requests.

Q - Can we get married in Sydney if we live overseas?

Yes you most certainly can. I have done 3 weddings so far for overseas couples. I help you with all your paperwork and can suggest venues. Most of our communications will be by Skype and email until you arrive in Sydney.

You will need to get an Australian Embassy/consulate or notary public in your country. to witness the NOIM.

You should check that your wedding in Australia is recognised in your country.

Q - Can we get married in a plane, on a boat or under the sea?

Yes For the adventurous couples I do perform ceremonies at Air, at sea or while snorkling

however i can no longer scuba dive.

Bookings can also be made for funerals.

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